General Leadership

Are you an experienced School Leader or an experienced Educator looking to work in a collaborative, innovative, and creative environment? Are you someone that already works at one of the Maker Learning Network or iLEAD locations that is interested in moving into leadership? Are you someone that feels ready to take a leap into leadership and wants to be considered for future openings?

In Maker Learning Network schools and iLEAD campuses, we offer a very unique way to see if we are a fit for each other called the Leadership Cafe. The Leadership Cafe is a full-day experience that is invitation only. If invited to participate in a Leadership cafe you will be placed into a pool of candidates to be considered as positions become available.
Apply below to be considered.

To make the next step into a Leadership position, the Maker Learning Network may have the opportunity for you. We Whether it’s a current position needing to be filled, or it’s a future position that you want to be considered for, the process is the same:

  1. Own your “Why”
  2. Find Common Assurances between your “Why” and our “Why”
  3. Send us your Resume (Application for Consideration)
  4. Be contacted by our Recruitment Team to Start the conversation
  5. Be invited to our Leadership Cafe event (LC)
  6. At the LC event … Meet, Engage, and Get to know Stakeholders from our Community that help us make informed decisions on who best fits our way of life
  7. After the LC event, be offered a position of employment (based on need), or stay connected with us to be notified of future possibilities.

Event Description

Leadership Cafe is an interactive event that is key in iLEAD’s Leadership interviewing and selection process. Leadership Cafe gives the Maker Learning Network and the iLEAD Schools community the opportunity to meet and get to know prospective leadership candidates for our school. We try to schedule on average, one event per month, year-round. When someone is ready to learn more about the iLEAD network, they express this interest in the form of an application submission (link below). They will then be connected with someone from our Recruitment team. After first contact, the Recruitment representative discusses the candidacy with Employee Services and Maker Learning Network Leadership and decides if an invitation to the Leadership Cafe is appropriate. At a typical event we will strive to have about 5-7 candidates participate each time in person, and 4-5 candidates virtually. Leadership Cafe’s are not group interviews, and they are not geared towards filling one opening. Candidates are very often are very diverse in background and can be considered for any need the iLEAD schools have. By participating in a Leadership Cafe, whether already part of the iLEAD Team or from outside the company, your name goes on a list into a pool of people that might be interested in leadership with iLEAD. It is a prerequisite to attend a Star Search, as that gives the background of iLEAD and basic information. Star Search and Leadership Cafe’s are similar in format but not exactly. At Star Search, Our Executive Directors and Founders, Dawn Evenson and Amber Raskin share their personal “why” as well as the careful thoughts that went into founding the “why” behind the iLEAD organization. Leadership Cafe is your turn to share your why.

We want to hear what makes you tick, why and how do you want to make the world better?

Sometimes it’s easier to say what it isn’t

What is Leadership Cafe NOT?

  • Not a GROUP interview. Similar to the concept of not “teaching to the test”, we don’t hold Leadership Cafe events with the goal of interviewing for one specific position. While more than one of you may be with us today with the initial intent of vying for a specific position, the intent of the day is to “interview” and network with the best candidates. And from these events, we hope to fill open positions as well as think “BIG” and may consider positions that are still in the planning stages.
  • Not a typical interview where you spend the duration of the time answering questions. You meet, engage, and have a conversation with our stakeholders.
  • Not a ONE-WAY event. We understand that “interviews” are taking place both ways, so we’ve put a lot of time and care into this process, making sure our best foot is forward, and you leave at the end, inspired.

Days Events Summary

  1. Give a 15-18 minute TED-like Talk presentation about their ‘’WHY”. Show the ability to INSPIRE
  2. Tour (on campus or virtually) a School/Program site
  3. Exploring the power of diversity in Collaboration… Discovering your work style and how the iLEAD Schools and MLN use your unique qualities to collaborate
  4. Participate in a Cafe Walk (table rotations). Each table will be hosted by an MLN/iLEAD staff member facilitating a conversation revolving around focus topic.
  5. Each candidate will have a personalized “poster” that will accompany them at each table. The table stakeholders will be free to write words, phrases and/or insert/draw pictures that capture and highlight the conversation.
  6. Candidates will then present their posters to the entire group as a reflection of their day


(List of leadership positions we typically hire for that might not be posted)

  • Leadership Resident
  • School/Program Director – Job Description
  • Department Director